Stempeutics has entered into strategic alliance with Cipla in 2009 for marketing its products. Cipla holds 49% equity in Stempeutics. Cipla extends technical support for production and handles "go-to-market" activities of the product being developed by Stempeutics.

Cipla and Stempeutics were founded by great visionaries who have realized the potential of India to take on the world in healthcare and education. Both the organizations share common ideals and values of their founders. From humble beginnings, based on strong values, both the organizations grew bigger and larger and contributed to the growth, development and stature of modern India. The association of Cipla and Stempeutics marks the beginning of a new relationship, which reiterates the commitments of their founders in the Research and Development, and in unlocking the secrets of nature for the betterment of mankind. Stempeutics has done pioneering work in the isolation, up-scaling and large scale production of adult Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for therapeutic applications. By far, it is the first Stem Cell Company in India to have got the government's approval to start a Phase-I / Phase-II Clinical trial for Stem Cell based drugs.

Cipla's investment in Stempeutics is in line with their corporate philosophy to bring out innovative and affordable products for the unmet medical needs of humanity. While Cipla brings in the knowledge and experience of drug development and market access, Stempeutics brings in the capabilities of bringing stem cell based therapeutic products. It brings in the technical & research expertise of isolation, characterization and up-scaling of adult mesenchymal stromal cells from bone marrow for therapeutic applications.

The synergistic combination of Cipla and Stempeutics based on the strong values of their founders and powered by their corporate vision, is poised to bring out novel stem cell based therapies for the mankind and transform India into a global player in Stem Cell therapeutics.



The company's lead product Stempeucel®, is ex-vivo cultured adult allogeneic mesenchymal stromal cells derived by using a novel pooling technology from multiple bone marrow donors and can be used as an 'off-the-shelf' cryopreserved stem cell product.
FIRST stem cell based biological product to be approved by DCGI for limited sales


It is an intensive firming skin care cosmetic product, branded as Cutisera. Cutisera product has 5 distinct benefits i.e.
  (1) reduction of lines and wrinkles
  (2) reduction / lightning of dark spots
  (3) evenness of skin tone
  (4) improvement in skin firmness
  (5) Improvement in skin hydration.


It is an automated, point-of-care medical device for isolation of therapeutic stem and stromal cells from aspirated fat/adipose tissue. Adipose tissue stroma is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells, as well as other tissue-building cells such as vascular smooth muscle cells, pericytes, pre-adipocytes and fibroblasts.