Dr. Anish Sen Majumdar

PhD - Ex Chief Scientific Officer &

Executive Vice President

Dr. Anish Sen Majumdar is an internationally renowned scientist having rich experience in research and development in stem cells. Dr. Anish received Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Calcutta. He pursued postdoctoral research in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Stanford University Medical School. He has worked as a Staff Scientist in Becton Dickinson systems, SanJose and in Geneic Sciences, Menlo Park and as a Senior Research Scientist and later as Project Manager, in Aventis Gencell Hayward, California. Dr. Anish joined Geron Corporation USA in 1998 as a Senior Staff Scientist and became Senior Director of Cell Therapy Research in 2005. He has led several research groups: Pancreatic differentiation from human ES cells for Diabetes; Telomerase based dendritic cell vaccine for cancer; ES cell derived oligodendrocytes for spinal cord injury. After Geron, Dr. Anish joined Reliance Life Science as Vice President, Stem Cell Research in Regenerative Medicine. He was responsible for developing and directing Research and Development activities in the areas of both embryonic and adult stem cells. Dr. Anish has published more than 45 scientific research articles in internationally acclaimed journals and as coauthored in more than 10 patents